Worry-Free Commercial Snow Removal In Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, And Surrounding Areas Of Indiana!

What is included in our commercial snow removal services?

Snow can be beautiful to gaze at as it frames your business in a wintery glow. However, that beauty quickly disappears when you’re faced with the challenge of walking or driving on it! Snow removal is an integral part of the winter season because the temperature drops, ice develops, and snow falls around the same time every year. We ensure your business is cleared of the excess snow, reducing the number of damages and injuries you, your employees, or customers can be susceptible to.

Why should I choose JPJ Landscaping for my outdoor services needs?

Our team is defined by the core values we hold, and they’re very important to us:
  • Our business would not be successful without the level of honesty and integrity we put into our company.
  • Quality is not a luxury for us; it’s an expectation for everyone on our team to uphold.
  • We’re proud to provide services other companies don’t, so you don’t feel alone in your landscape adventures.
  • Our surrounding communities and those who reside there are our priorities, and we want to make those communities a better place.
  • You shouldn’t feel left out from detailed landscape work when you own commercial property – we give equal attention to those properties, too!

What are some benefits of having this service done?

Your parking lot and walkways won’t be as susceptible to damage

Your greenery isn’t the only thing that can take significant damage from low temperatures and snowfall. Your parking lot and concrete surfaces are sturdy and can handle a lot, but it’s not immune to breaking or warping. Lots, driveways, curbs, retaining walls, and your business sidewalks risk succumbing to excessive damage. Snow removal will assist in eliminating these risks and preserving your hardscaping!

Your business won’t become a safety hazard

Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at work; driving, walking, or parking shouldn’t be a hazard. However, snow can easily cause those surfaces to be slick and dangerous. If you make an effort to have snow removal done on your commercial properties, you won’t have to worry about the dangers and repercussions of slips and falls!

What are some important things to remember about this service?

There is a lot of labor that goes into the removal process

It’s not too hard to take some time to shovel your driveway or the walkways directly around your business. Unfortunately, it can become overwhelming and hard on your body after a while. And wouldn’t you rather your employees focus on their jobs? Much labor goes into snow removal – it uses most of your muscles and can tire you out or injure you. So, getting a professional team to help with your snow removal needs is the better option!

Without proper removal, your property is a liability

You may not worry about lawsuits in your home, but it is still possible – and it happens more often than you’d think. That possibility skyrockets when it’s commercial property, and an employee or customer gets hurt! If you don’t attempt to have thorough snow removal done, you increase the chances of something bad happening on your property. It’s always better to be safe and reduce the amount of liability on your end.
The JPJ landscape team is committed to providing all the businesses in our communities with worry-free snow removal in Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and surrounding areas of Indiana.

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