Beneficial Landscaping, Lawn Services, And Commercial Snow Removal In Fishers, Indiana!

Fishers, Indiana, is a bustling area filled with over 93,000 people – plenty of people to make friends with and a lot of fun. It’s part of Fall Creek and Delaware Townships, sitting amongst Hamilton County with many other wonderful cities. This city has a rich history, with the first settlers appearing in 1802 along the White River in what Fishers is today. It’s a fairly successful city, with most high schoolers graduating high schools and growing housing developments.

Just like any city in the Indianapolis area, the summers are warm and beautiful while the winters are crisp and snowy. Of course, the seasons aren’t the only pleasant part of living in this area. Fishers is almost perfectly positioned in the center of Indiana, sprawling over 38 miles. From hiking trails to breweries and nature parks to escape rooms and everything in between, this city is wonderful, and we’re proud to be part of it!

With JPJ, Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY!

What can JPJ Landscaping offer Fishers?


Upgrading your home or commercial property is quite a task, but not impossible and worth the time and effort. This aspect is especially true if you’re attempting to improve your property’s value and curb appeal to sell later on or attract customers. Additionally, new landscape installation and the maintenance that comes with it are part of having new landscaping.

Lawn Services

Your lawn needs a lot of work to keep it healthy and strong, so it’s better resistant to disease and has a poor aesthetic. Your grass needs to be trimmed, the perimeter needs to be edged, and various pieces of greenery must be trimmed as part of this process. Regular maintenance will ensure your lawn grows evenly and continues to look well-groomed!


Doing whatever you can to keep your lawn in good health and keep up with its good looks includes adding beautiful mulch to landscape beds and around your trees! Different shades of red, brown, and black can make your landscape stand out, your plants or flowers pop, and limit the damage caused by weeds and extreme weather all at once.

Commercial Snow Removal

The hardscaping outside your business can take a hit during winter when the snow and ice roll in and get left to sit for long periods. You also drastically increase the chances of slip and fall injuries occurring if it’s not taken care of. It’s essential to the safety of those on your property and the longevity of your hard surfaces to have proper snow removal done!

Landscape Lighting

Your lawn may need a little bit of help during the holiday season to keep up your space shiny and bright – along with every other time of year. Of course, nothing beats the perfect lights placed all around your landscape to illuminate the beauty of your outdoor spaces! We’ll show you the best ways to use your landscape setup to your advantage to make this dream a reality.

Yard Cleanups

Your lawn mirrors the inside of your home: it’ll get messy from time to time and has to be cleaned periodically to keep it neat. Yard cleanups aren’t overly complicated, but they aren’t any less necessary for your landscape. Leaves and other annoying scattered lawn debris will accumulate over time, and that’s where this comes in handy!

You can always count on JPJ Landscaping to provide beneficial landscaping, lawn services, and commercial snow removal in Fishers, Indiana. We do everything honestly and professionally, so you always feel you can count on us anytime. Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY

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