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What is included in our lawn care services?

Your lawn is a living, breathing being that relies on the sun, water, air, nutrients, and occasional intervention from you not just to stay alive, but to thrive. Some of the best ways you can intervene are to take care of the individual needs of every part of your lawn. The largest part of your lawn that needs the most help is the soil beneath your grass – without good soil, your grass won’t grow.

The aeration and overseeding process is the quickest way to encourage healthy growth and ensure your soil is getting what it needs. We open up pores in the ground to allow those nutrients in and follow it with overseeding to introduce new seeds into the ground to begin growing.

Why should I choose JPJ Landscaping for my lawn needs?

Our core values create the perfect landscape for you, and they’re very important to us:

  • We pride ourselves on making your vision become a reality!
  • Every community we serve and the ones we live in comes first because we want to make them a better place.
  • Quality is the name of the game for us, and we strive to provide the best quality we can.
  • The values of honesty and integrity are important to all of us; we care about making those qualities shine through our work.
  • The details of a job matter most, and we put in the same effort with commercial properties as residential ones.

What are some benefits to having this service done?

Your grass will be thicker and greener

When you think of a perfect landscape, one of the images that come to mind is lush green grass. Unfortunately, no one dreams about having patchy, barren, or dying brown grass. Having the appropriate lawn care services done around your property will limit the amount of dying grass that appears, making room for that green, thick carpet of grass you want!

Your lawn won’t struggle with future growth

Sometimes, you’re dealt a bad hand with your lawn, and the grass is a struggle to care for and keep alive. If you take action and have lawn care services done, that struggle won’t be as intense. Letting your lawn sit how it allows soil compaction and other factors to prevent the healthy growth of your grass. Aeration and overseeding will help transform your lawn from dingy to lush!

What are some important things to remember about this service?

Where you live makes a big difference

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in your landscape, it’s essential to research the area you live in so you can make an educated plan of action for its care. For example, your surrounding environment affects when you aerate and overseed and what types of grass seeds are best for your area. It’s better to get advice from those who do this for a living if you’re unsure!

There is a wrong way to do these services

If you attempt to take over your lawn care, you risk the grass and the soil not receiving the full effect of the service. If you don’t aerate properly, you’ll tear the ground up, and the wrong grass seeds can be a mess, too. If you don’t know very much about how the process works, it can be a hassle to deal with fixing any mistakes that are accidentally made. However, education and experience are handy when dealing with heavy landscape work!

Why is aeration so important?

When your soil becomes compacted, it can lead to disaster for your lawn. You may notice dry, brown patches, bare spots, or large areas filled with dead grass. The good news is that the damage from soil compaction can be reversed! By aerating your lawn, we actually poke holes and remove plugs of soil, allowing your grass to breathe again! Aeration services set the stage for fresh seeds to take root and transform the look of your lawn! Your grass will grow back greener and healthier than before!
Everyone at JPJ Landscaping offers complete lawn care services in Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and surrounding areas. With JPJ, Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY!

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