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What is included in our lawn services?

Your lawn cannot speak for itself or tell you when it needs some extra care, which is why you have to be its voice. Your grass needs to be regularly groomed, so your landscape doesn’t become overgrown or unhealthy. Lawn services are routine maintenance that includes mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing.

These services will help make your life much easier and ensure they stay as healthy as possible. In addition, lawn services can be done on residential or commercial properties to keep up the positive appearance of your landscape for family, friends, and customers.

Why should I choose JPJ Landscaping for my lawn needs?

Our core values are who we are as a team, and they’re very important to us:

  • The services we offer are available to everyone and include some offerings many other companies do not have
  • Commercial properties deserve as much attention, if not more, than residential ones – the details on their lawns matter, too
  • We don’t throw the word ‘quality’ around to catch your attention; we make sure our work goes beyond it
  • Honesty and integrity are the pillars of any good relationship, including professional ones, and we care immensely about them both
  • We believe it is also part of our job to make the surrounding communities we serve a better place

What are some benefits to having this service done?

Your customers won’t be turned off by a negative appearance

Everyone talks about first impressions – in social life, business, everywhere, because it’s incredibly important. We know that meeting your in-laws for the first time or greeting a new customer can be stressful enough as it is. Your lawn deserves the chance to make a fabulous impression; the best way to do that is with a lawn you can be proud of! With the right tools and time, your lawn can stand out in the best ways to everyone.

Every bit of greenery has equal opportunity

Everything on your landscape, from the flowers to the grass, the trees to the privacy shrubs, needs care and attention to keep it continuing to grow strong and lively. With the right lawn services, everything on your lawn will have an equal chance to grow and thrive without competing for space, water, or sunlight. Without it, they’ll be left to their own devices – which can be damaging!

What are some important things to remember about this service?

Too much or too little makes a difference

Like other things in life, balance is essential for your landscape to do well in any environment. Too much trimming and mowing can leave your lawn barren and defenseless against pests and weather. At the same time, too little amount of mowing, edging, or trimming can leave it looking like a mess and susceptible to disease. It helps to talk to someone who knows your landscape needs, so you don’t struggle!

Hiring landscape help has become incredibly popular

There have always been landscape companies around, helping families and businesses keep their landscapes in good shape. At the very least, families have enlisted the help of neighbors and friends to help with outdoor chores. In recent years, hiring a professional team to take care of everything for you has become increasingly popular. For example, over 40% of Americans with a lawn hire them in a year to maintain their properties!
The team at JPJ Landscaping is always here to help, providing unparalleled lawn services in Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and surrounding areas of Indiana. With JPJ, Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY!

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