Alluring Landscaping, Lawn Services, And Commercial Snow Removal In Westfield, Indiana!

Westfield is a lovely city with plenty of personality to spare. It sits within the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, with a solid population of over 45,000 – but that doesn’t make it less of a great place to live. It’s a continuously growing and developing suburb, changing in all the best ways. It’s a vibrant central Indiana city with beautiful sights, lovely seasons, and wonderful people that make it what it is today. The city of Westfield is similar to its surrounding areas, with mild, pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters. It’s just a short distance from many surrounding cities with different activities to keep you busy. You’ll never be bored with parks, wineries, prime shopping, and a sports complex. We’re so happy that we get the chance to offer our services to all the residents of this fine city!

With JPJ, Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY!

What can JPJ Landscaping offer Westfield?


Landscaping is a work of art, a visual representation of your unique style, and offers a wide array of benefits that make the process worth it. First, we can take the yard you currently have and upgrade it with a fantastic new landscape to make it shine. Afterward, we work hard to maintain it to stay in good shape!

Lawn Services

These words cover a lot of ground regarding taking care of your lawn; however, it’s a little simpler once you break it down. For instance, mowing the grass, edging around the perimeter of your lawn, and trimming up other pieces of greenery are included in this service. Those jobs are what prevent your lawn from becoming an overgrown mess!


If you want to try a simple way to upgrade the aesthetic of your lawn space and keep the flower beds protected, look no further than adding new mulch to your landscape! To accomplish this, you can choose from organic or inorganic mulch and colors in beautiful shades of brown, red, or black. This protective barrier will limit weeds and keep extreme temperatures away from your plants.

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow and ice are two things you don’t want to mess around with in the winter. Stories and movies paint them in such a pretty picture, but if you’re not careful, they can be very dangerous walking and driving on! So it’s essential to have proper removal to ensure you, your employees, and your customers are safe from harm during the cold season.

Landscape Lighting

There are countless ways you can illuminate your landscape: highlighting favorite pieces of yours, lighting pathways to walk safer, and around hardscaping like retaining walls and decks in the backyard for fun evening events. Landscape lighting installation sets you up for future success, safety at night, and making repairs as needed keeps that lighting functioning well into the future!

Patios And Walkways

Adding hardscaping onto your property is a tough decision – where to put everything, what materials to use, and what it is you want to build. One of the best choices you can make for your lawn is quality patios and walkways. The walkways provide a pretty yet sturdy place to walk from place to place, and patios offer a pleasant hangout space everyone can enjoy!

Our JPJ Landscaping team is always ready to provide alluring landscaping, lawn services, and commercial snow removal in Westfield, Indiana. We work hard to do whatever it takes to set ourselves apart from the rest. So you won’t feel left out or worried about your landscape with honesty and professionalism. Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY

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