Capable Landscaping, Lawn Services, And Snow Removal In Noblesville, Indiana!

Noblesville holds up to its name as the seat of Hamilton County and acts as home to almost 65,000 people. It’s a lovely suburb north of Indianapolis along the White River, its mixture of culture and aesthetics making it an intriguing place to live. History and modernism collide in the best ways here, and this central-Indiana city has become a great place to live, visit, and run a business.

This city sits alongside others in our service areas, in the center of this beautiful state that sees different sides of all the seasons. There’s an airport a close drive away, and Indiana University is available to those ready to pursue higher education. With historical sites, shops, restaurants, and entertainment all around, it’s quite the place to be. We are happy to serve this city’s people, ensuring their residential homes and commercial properties are cared for in the best ways possible!

With JPJ, Your Lawn is about to be LUCKY!

What can JPJ Landscaping offer Noblesville?


Your lawn won’t become a personal oasis or marvel for your customers to admire without some hard work and help from a proper landscaping team. New and improved landscaping will make your property look more pleasing to the eyes and give you a new-found sense of pride in that property! Landscape or flower beds, hedges, and styled shrubs make a great impression.

Lawn Services

We’ve all heard the expression ‘it’s a jungle out there’ – but hopefully not on your landscape. You don’t want your landscape to look overgrown, unkempt, and unusable. Regular lawn services are crucial to caring for your landscape and making it a space you can relax. Trimming, edging, and mowing the lawn are included in keeping your lawn healthy and under control!


If you’re unsure how to preserve the longevity of your landscape and the plants growing there, you may feel a little lost. The best way to achieve that goal is to add enough mulch to your landscape to keep them in good shape in rough weather and extreme temperatures. Red, black, and brown make those plants’ pop’ and keep the damage minimal!

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow is beautiful, but it’s also cold and difficult to drive in; adding ice to the mix because of low temperatures, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Your business property needs thorough snow removal to ensure it remains safe for everyone. No slipping or sliding falls or injuries, no loss of revenue from weather related closings, and no damage to your hardscape surfaces. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Tree Services

If your trees become overgrown or a full-blown problem, they must be taken care of as soon as possible. Trimming them is necessary to ensure they remain in good health, but unfortunately, sometimes they need to be removed completely. This is because they cause problems with piping, put you and your guests in danger, or disrupt your landscape plans. Once they’re removed, their stumps can be ground down to clear the landscape completely.

Landscape Lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to increase the property value of your home and keep your friends and family safe. There are many aesthetics, and ways to light up the night with brilliant lights! Outdoor lighting done by professionals takes the stress off of your shoulders and gives you more free time to enjoy your space.

JPJ Landscaping is the best in this business, offering capable landscaping, lawn services, and commercial snow removal in Noblesville, Indiana. We believe every customer deserves the best landscape possible and work hard to make that goal, more than that – a reality. With JPJ, your lawn is about to be LUCKY!

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